Changetheriver.org is about Human-Centred Design as a high quality bond of engagement and loyalty between the company and employees. The Human-Centred Design process implies a learning driven culture with the ability to reframe business challenges to solve customers’ problems.

My empathic approach with intrinsic motivation, learning agility and entrepreneurial attitude focuses on engaging myself in Design Facilitator roles. My aim is to design and deliver collaborative learning experience to nurture autonomy in teams, encouraging new ways of learning and delivering results that create sustainable change.

As Innovation Facilitator, I am able to capture the touch-points in the customer experience, to generate research insights to evolve in the organizational design. Given my natural curiosity for entrepreneurialism and converting ideas into actionable businesses, I understand the key concepts and the principles and practices of service design.

I am a former professional basketball player for more than ten years in Italy relocated in London since 2010, founder of Red Events platform of creative projects for social change. I have built up my pathway on learning by doing and experiencing change that leverages my ability as facilitator.

A natural phenomenon known as widespread trophic cascade occurred in the Yellowstone National Park and the river changed when, after 70 years absence, wolves were reintroduced in 1995.


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