Innovation grows through Learning Experience Design

Innovation grows through Learning Experience Design

Have you ever asked yourself what is Innovation and how it’s linked with your ethos and work? I did it and the following article is the consequence.

I borrow an idea from an Harvard Business Review article to consider Innovation as the intersection of purpose (why we exist), shared values (what we agree is important) and rules of engagement (how we think about problems). As a result it is crucial to instill a sense of community. This could facilitate the learnability of a team, a workplace, an entire organization.

If you are able to design learning experiences across your projects you can generate new ideas. This implies empathy, collaboration, discovery-driven learning, and integrative decision-making. The growth-mindset attitude and the need to be multidimensional in the today’s market requires what Tim Brown from Ideo frames as T-Shaped skillset mindset: leverage core vertical strength, nurture an expertise coupled with broad interests and skills.

How to create a Learning Experience Design approach in an organisation? Three tools can be helpful: Lean start-up, Human-Centred Design, Learner Entrepreneur.

Lean Start-Up is grounded in three 3 principles. Instead of engaging in months of planning and research to deliver a business plan, use and learn Business Model canvas where you will cluster hypotheses that might create value for the company and customers. Then a Customer development plan calls for testing your hypotheses. A “get out of the building” approach will be the stepping stone to your strategy through iterations and pivots. Finally, Agile Development works hand-in-hand with customer development, eliminates wasted time and resources by developing the product iteratively and incrementally. It’s the process by which start-ups create the minimum viable products they test.

Luma Institute pinpoints the impact of Human-Centred Design through a variety of tools. Therefore by designing a Learning Experience you are going to engage your team on how: to look, understand and make authentic connections.

Finally I stressed the profile of the Learner Entrepreneur in the next image. She or he could be the spring of inspiration for the team or organization and vice versa.

As a passionate and agile Leaning Experience Designer I keep learning and challenging myself in a culture of enterprise where creativity and innovation thrive. Also to investigate the social impact of a values-driven work-environment is where lies in the opportunity to look at how to establishing a team, facilitate and design learning experience depending on how the team thinks.

Ultimately we need to learn how to manage change in order to face the complexity and uncertainty of the business, cultural and social sphere we live in.

P.S. Have a great Christmas and I wish all the best for your next year..Innovations.

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