Changetheriver.org is a springboard for my purpose in Innovation. I believe in Human-Centred Design as a high quality bond of engagement and loyalty between the company’s strategy, employees and the users.

My empathetic approach with intrinsic motivation, learning agility and entrepreneurial attitude focuses on engaging myself in Innovation Facilitator roles. My aim is to design and deliver collaborative learning experience to nurture agility and autonomy in teams, encouraging new ways of learning and delivering results that create sustainable change. As Coach and Facilitator, I deliver learning materials and insights about agile thinking tools to build empathy, engagement and trust to align vision and mission in teams.

After seven years in London I have moved to Berlin in 2017. In the current complexity we live in, my learning agility keeps evolving to find and solve new problems, sharing tools and researching approaches through innovation and entrepreneurship to foster self-ownership and creative confidence.

Ultimately, I am interested in unlocking the trans-formative power of digital to create Sustainable Innovation.

This platform has been inspired by a natural phenomenon known as widespread trophic cascade occurred in the Yellowstone National Park.  The river changed when, after 70 years absence, wolves were reintroduced in 1995.